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At the core of our operation is a deep seated passion for great coffee and the farmers that produce it. Our services are provided with this same level of passion leading to excellence

  1. Farmer Support - Agronomy

    Our team of agronomists not only utilizes the expertise of highly trained professionals but also taps into the many years of our experience as a coffee farming family.

    Our proven techniques have seen us achieve yields of upto 14 kg of green coffee beans per tree. This would be equivalent to 50kg of fresh cherries per tree. Farm averages can be lower but not falling below 9kgs per tree (G.B.E).

    We use agronomy to maximize the productivity of the land as a collective and not only coffee in isolation.

  2. Wet Processing

    We understand processing comprehensively, from equipment selection, installation, training all the way to processing and fermentation techniques.

    Our experience enables us to make custom adjustments to the processing equipment so as to improve performance as well as efficiency.

    We then rely on feedback from cuppers to tweak our processing in order to achieve the best cup score in the most efficient manner.

  3. Primary & Secondary Processing

    In primary processing, machines carry out de-husking of the coffee beans whether it is kiboko or parchment coffee.  Our hullers also called dry mill have polishers that remove silk skin from the coffee beans thereby reducing chaff during roasting.

    In secondary processing, we run the coffee through cleaners, graders, gravity tables and color sorters if necessary. In order to achieve specialty scores we can also provide handpickers to manual remove every defective bean from the lot.

  4. Coffee Roasting

    Since 2011, our roast-master has been perfecting his skills. We approach roasting with consumer’s preferences firmly in mind in order to produce a taste suited to that particular market.

    Besides being able to operate the roasting equipment, our roast-master leans on a wealth of knowledge of that particular coffee crop and several other factors to deliver a desirable roast.

    Whereas there is no end to learning, we are greatly encouraged by the reviews we get both from professionals and regular consumers of our roasted coffee.

  5. Coffee Export

    Amour Trading Ltd is a registered coffee exporter with Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), the body that regulates coffee export in Uganda.

    We export all available grades and types of green coffee from Uganda. We also export our roast coffee.

    The exports maybe Full Container Loads or pallets of micro-lots. See our list of offerings here

  6. Consultancy

    Our organization hinges itself on a team of professionals, the best in their fields. This ensures that we are always on top of each segment of the coffee value chain.  Because we are passionate about what we do, we are driven to follow the latest developments in the industry and bring them into our consultancy projects. Our vast experience only enhances this.


Our Processes

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What They Are Saying

Despite the fact that a growing percentage of our country’s coffee production is of outstanding quality both in the arabica and robusta segments, the challenge that remains is to change the perspective of the world market on Uganda’s coffee quality so as to attract better pricing differentials for these ne and specialty coffees.